Coaching for Healthy Lifestyle,

Balanced Living, and Well-being

Just like our business practice, YOU are a multidimensional person. We love to help you create balance and harmony by examining the many facets of YOU and helping you move and grow into wellness.
We put your heart and soul in the center. Our Bio-Psycho-Social model takes into consideration both evaluation and change in the physical, energetic, intellectual, and spiritual realms of your life. Balance of these elements lead to greater contentment, overall wellness, and improved health/function.
Our model also represents the five koshas of Ayurveda, the sister science of Yoga. We will use the starfish to guide you to classes and programs that fit your health and lifestyle needs. 
Programs run from an initial consultation to on-going assistance and are tailored to your needs. Meet with Lisa in person, via phone, or electronically. Consider us your resource for finding continued education and support as you need it.